Patient Experiences powered by Apple

Patient Experiences powered by Apple

Helping patients share information & interact with researchers & caregivers through Apple iPhone & Apple Watch.

What are we trying to solve?

  • How might we make a more convenient experience for patients?
  • How might we enhance delivery of patient programs through real-time triggers, in a format that resonates with patients as individuals.
  • How might we generate evidence by directly interacting with their Apple devices as they manage their condition in the real world, across clinical & non-clinical settings?

iOS Design System in Figma

Before Apple began publishing iOS to a Figma community file, we needed to make our own design system for UIKit and SwiftUI components. We ported over our Sketch files, adding new custom mobile components in our Figma library which leveraged the most recent version of the Human Interface Guidelines.

What are the Outcomes?

  • Better healthcare enabled by familiar devices
  • Access personalized insights about their health condition or treatment plans easily
  • Patient is able to share information that they choose and receive personalized support through their preferred medium
  • Generate evidence to show value of interventions
  • Allow healthcare to happen anywhere, not just when someone is sick or at a clinician’s office
  • Designs reviewed and validated by the Apple Enterprise Design Lab

Video Demo