About Me

About Me

John Stammerman's skillset


With extensive experience in design and technology across leading firms, I specialize in creating seamless, user-centric product designs. My expertise includes prototype development, user experience design, and mastery of tools like Figma and Sketch. My aim is to craft designs that simplify complexities, enhance user satisfaction, and align with business goals, ultimately making a positive impact on lives through thoughtful design.

My Background

The internet intrigued me since the day I first logged on in 1994. My parents owned a computer for quite some time before that (actually had the first IBM PC), but the internet was a whole new world for me then. It was an AT&T dial-up account that launched me to the net. I remember thinking, “Okay I’m here. I see your fancy webpage. Now where do I go?” I had no way of knowing at that time, but this technology would take me to California to see Google, guide my professional career, and become a passion for the rest of my life.

Heart of a Designer With a Passion for Development

During the summer of 1999, I participated in an internship program with a local Louisville start-up website design company where I really became proficient at HTML. I began my new position in May of 2000 after my college graduation. The development side came pretty natural. I have a knack for picking up new things (like programming languages) quickly. Once I completed my first design I knew I was in trouble – I liked both design and development equally. In a business world that wants efficient moving pieces that contribute unique portions to the company as a whole, I was going against the grain by embracing two skill sets.

Fast-forward 20 years, folks like that are called “hybrids”. We have the ability to span across areas of expertise. Over my professional career I’ve been able to use all of my experience in both design and development to become a UX/UI design expert to help my clients identify and prioritize the goals of their websites & applications to improve the overall experience for their end-users.

Finding CrossFit & Becoming A Coach

In early 2018 I received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate and have been coaching beginner athletes and members at my gym. I absolutely fell in love with my local CrossFit community and have used it to change myself for the better and make a positive impact on my family and friends.

Coaching is in my blood. My father was a high school football coach and teacher for 20 years. He taught me to live vicariously through the success of others and the value of working in a true team environment. I try to bring that to my athletes every single day in the gym. I can honestly say that it’s had an extremely positive impact on my professional career as a UX design leader as well.

The Future

The great thing about technology is that it forced me to embrace change. The moment a new design is completed it starts getting old. Just when you master a programming language, new ones emerge. If you can’t adapt and grow, you’ll quickly get left behind. I want to be the jack-of-all-trades that can bring it all together. I want to advocate for following the design process to business stakeholders and product owners. I want to stand at the crossroads of intuitive user interface design and efficient, effective application development.

I want to maintain and grow my health and fitness. I want basic human functionality (standing out of a chair, picking things up off the floor, placing things over my head) for as long as possibly can have it. I want to help others along their health and fitness journey. Mostly, I want to stay hungry and stay foolish.

John Stammerman