John Stammerman

Designer, Developer, Husband, Father, Gamer, Streamer, Coach, Louisville Fan


Crafting user experiences that make people happy with precision and empathy for 25 years.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • I partner with product owners, project managers, engineers, and QA specialists to improve design systems and processes.
  • I lead workshops and design sessions to drive innovation and discover user needs and challenges.
  • I collaborate with designers and developers in ceremonies like crits, groomings, and reviews maintain high work quality standards.

Advanced Design Expertise

  • I design user-centric web and mobile applications, adhering to best practices in UX and accessibility.
  • I’m proficient with Google Material Design, Apple Human Interface Guidelines, and love crafting cross platform products for both web and mobile.
  • I create wireframes, visual designs, interaction guidelines, and prototypes focused on usability and international appeal in Figma.

Technical Proficiency

  • I’m an expert in Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, and Zeplin.
  • I maintain and evolve Figma libraries and design standards, including design tokens, component library tokenization, and design systems for responsive desktop and native mobile applications.
  • I’m familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap, React, and Angular, and love inspecting CSS code.

Educational Leadership

  • I develop and document best practices and guidelines for design and engineering teams.
  • I’m experienced in creating user stories, personas, user journeys, acceptance criteria, and developer handoffs.
  • I train and mentor junior designers, challenging and encouraging them to learn with a growth mindset.

Industry Experience

  • I have technology experience at places like IQVIA, Mercer US, and Marsh McLennan.
  • I have interactive agency experience at places like Doe-Anderson and LeapFrog (now Leap Group).
  • I have designed and worked with Fortune 100 companies.

Continuous Learning

  • I actively seek to master new design system technologies and tools.
  • I’m committed to staying abreast of the latest in design techniques and toolsets to improve my efficiency and effectiveness.
  • I’m not scared to try, fail fast, and refine to deliver the best quality work.
John Stammerman's skillset

My Goals

Craft product designs and experiences that make people happy.
Be a pain sponge. The more pain we suck up, the simpler a design will be.
Mind the critical few and ignore the trivial many.
Design at the intersection between the needs of users, the goals of the business, and the possibilities of technology.
Help the people I care about and the people they care about live healthier, fitter, and more functional lives.