Career Path

Career Path

My work experience and resume.

UI/UX Design Manager

As a UI/UX Design Manager at a leading health IT firm, I spearhead the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive mobile design language, encompassing design systems, tokens, and component libraries tailored for Apple and Android devices. I am instrumental in translating design concepts into tangible assets, using sketches, wireframes, and prototypes, ensuring clear communication with both product teams and stakeholders.

My collaboration with development and engineering teams is pivotal in delivering optimal user experiences across diverse end-user scenarios. Additionally, I excel in crafting high-fidelity mockups, facilitating effective solution design, and conscientiously gathering user insights to draft precise and actionable requirements.

To prep the next generation of design talent, I’ve actively mentored junior designers, guiding their growth and honing their skills. I lead training sessions for both practitioners and stakeholders on Figma, ensuring they harness its full potential to streamline the design processes and foster collaboration.


May 2023 to

Mobile Product Designer

As a Mobile Product Designer in the health IT sector, I specialized in crafting intuitive mobile applications tailored for the medical technology domain. My role encompassed the creation of detailed mockups and simulations, ensuring a true-to-concept graphical representation of user interfaces. I was instrumental in steering solution design and development, backed by meticulous user needs analysis to draft precise requirements.

My expertise in communicating design ideas spanned from sketches to high-fidelity prototypes, fostering clear collaboration with product teams and stakeholders. I took the lead in establishing and upholding a cohesive mobile design language, encompassing design systems, tokens, and component libraries for Apple and Android devices.

Additionally, I had the privilege of showcasing advanced iOS and WatchOS concepts to the Apple Enterprise Design Lab.


Sep 2021 to
May 2023

UX/UI Design Lead

As the UX/UI Design Lead at an HR data tech firm, I was at the forefront of crafting intuitive user experiences, transitioning seamlessly from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity application mock-ups. I developed comprehensive user stories, personas, journeys, and storyboards, ensuring a user-centric design approach.

My management of UI component libraries and design systems was thoughtful and diligent, always aligning with corporate branding while building useable design standards for our products. I took pride in my hands-on involvement, from conducting rigorous user research and usability tests to refining the end-user experience.

My ability to articulate design rationales fostered strong collaboration with product owners and stakeholders. Leveraging my expertise in front-end development, I streamlined the developer handoff process, ensuring seamless transitions from design to deployment.

I also championed the effective use and training of industry-leading tools, including Figma, Sketch, and Adobe suites. My commitment to innovation consistently drove me to find creative solutions to intricate user interaction challenges, amplifying the value delivered through UX design.


Mar 2011 to
Aug 2021

Co-Owner, General Manager

This was a side gig that I loved dearly. As a co-owner and general manager of a CrossFit gym in Louisville, I channeled my fervor for coaching and wellness into fostering a vibrant community dedicated to fitness and growth.

As a GM, my role was to set and uphold the gym’s operational standards, policies, and procedures. I adeptly managed key personnel, from the head coach to the sales manager, and took pride in mentoring them, nurturing their evolution as fitness professionals.

Beyond the gym’s physical space, I was instrumental in shaping its digital footprint, ensuring consistent branding and active engagement across web and social platforms.

As a CF Level 1 coach, my role was to lead our beginner program, tailoring our daily workouts to them to cater to individuals across all proficiency levels, while staying true to the core ethos of CrossFit. I loved coaching weekly classes and hanging out with the amazing community of people in our gym.

Fern Creek CrossFit

Jan 2019 to
Aug 2020

Web Administrator

As the Regional Campus Web Administrator for the IU Southeast Information Technology division, I played a pivotal role in providing expert guidance and leadership for diverse web projects. I successfully managed and collaborated with a talented team of designers and developers, driving the creation of campus websites and essential web services.

My responsibilities spanned the full spectrum of web development, from design and writing to debugging and installation. I was instrumental in developing, configuring, and maintaining software tailored to support web-based systems, ensuring seamless accessibility and functionality for both staff and students, regardless of their location.

Indiana University Southeast

Dec 2008 to
Feb 2011

Senior Interactive Developer

At the renowned advertising agency, Doe-Anderson, I served as a Senior Interactive Developer, bringing advanced front-end and server-side development expertise to a portfolio of nationally and regionally acclaimed brands, including Maker’s Mark, Ohio River Bridges Project, Suntan City, Greater Louisville Branding Project, and the National Center for Family Literacy.

My technical proficiencies encompassed authoring XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, complemented by robust application development and support using ASP.NET, C#, and MS SQL 2000/2005. My contributions played a pivotal role in enhancing the digital presence and interactive capabilities of these distinguished brands.


Aug 2007 to
Nov 2008

UI Design & Development Lead

As the UI Design & Development Lead for a prominent national web hosting provider, I adeptly managed a dynamic team of developers, overseeing project timelines and ensuring timely reporting to senior management and executives. My design expertise spanned a diverse range of assets, from print ads and corporate documents to intricate application interfaces and user workflows, leveraging industry-leading tools like Adobe Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, and Macromedia Fireworks MX. On the development front, I harnessed tools such as MS Visual Studio 2005 and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, showcasing proficiency in languages like XHTML, CSS, C#, .NET 2.0, and PHP, among others.

Beyond design and development, I championed strategic website planning and SEO initiatives, utilizing analytics tools like Urchin, Google Analytics, and CrazyEgg to drive data-informed decisions and optimize user engagement. (now a part of Ntirety)

Jul 2004 to
Aug 2007

Co-Owner & Senior Applications Developer

My first gig out of college was with a new, interactive agency called LeapFrog. There were 7 of us in a tiny office living out our dot-com dreams in the very beginning. I’ll always cherish the time I spent there, learning from some of the best design minds in our area.

My responsibilities included implementing web development process, supervising application development department, developing web applications, designing user experiences, programming large scale database driven websites and applications, maintaining web hosting, email and internal file servers and providing technical support for client hosting and email accounts.

Some of the clients I managed were Thomas Industries, Farm Credit Services MA, Fund For the Arts, YUM! Brands, KFC, Ceridian, Louisville Science Center, Louisville Orchestra, and the Regent Group.

LeapFrog, Inc. (now Leap Group)

May 2000 to
Jun 2004