Lead Generation Gym Website

Lead Generation Gym Website

Helping people find fitness and live healthier lives.

Lead generation gym website

The Problem

Fern Creek CrossFit sought to create a new fitness community in Louisville, Kentucky, in an underserved area of the county, using the CrossFit methodology.

We were tasked with creating a lead generation website that promoted the benefits of CrossFit to local residents of the community who had struggled with weight loss and haven’t found consistency in their exercise programs in traditional gyms.


We wanted to differentiate the experience our members get from all the other gyms and workout programs in the area, so we focused on the feelings our members have and the coaching they receive, rather than talk about specifics like facilities, exercises, etc.

We created a blog and a social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email newsletters that syndicated our messages, which promoted important factors of health our members use to change their lifestyles.

We worked hard to make sure everyone felt accepted and welcomed in our gym community, which helped lower the barrier of entry for people who were on the fence about trying a fitness class with us.

The Results

We achieved our goal of growing (on average) 3-4 members per month from July 2018 to December 2019, generating over $7K in new member revenue. We also increased the lifetime length of memberships from 9.5 months to 13 months, giving the business an additional $20K in existing member revenue over that same time period. For a small, start-up business, this was huge!