Pension Management Web App

Pension Management Web App

Giving people confidence and comfort after retirement.

Pension management application

The Problem

Mercer colleagues in Germany sought to create a web application for the employees and retirees of our customers that provided quick and easy access to pay slips, tax documents, and the ability to manage address and bank information for their pension accounts.

We were tasked with using an existing platform from another local, yet enhancing and refreshing it to meet the needs of our German customers.


Pension Management dashboard

The dashboard, above, brought together multiple workflows for our 3 primary user personas. We removed anything that wasn’t critical and important to the main use-cases (like marketing content) to get the end-user to where they wanted to be.

Pension management contact information

Some of the end-user data was being fed from an external HR system, but we wanted to give the user the ability to add additional contact information and provide more context within certain workflows.

Pension Management dashboard

Even though services, like health insurance, were being handled by different providers than pensions, we wanted the end-user to have access to their benefit information in one location. In our discovery, we found that they view benefits as a singular service.

The Results

We started this project with a series of UX workshops to discover and document user personas and journeys. We created low-fidelity wireframes to visualize those user journeys for the project team to eliminate ambiguity. We finished with high-fidelity, clickable prototypes in Figma that allowed the business analysts to associate Epics and Stories in Jira with visual workflows, giving the developers and QA testers a much better understanding of what was being implemented.